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Split-EZ is the coolest way to enjoy dining out with friends and colleagues.

Split-EZ is the coolest way to enjoy dining out with friends and colleagues.

Have you ever been in a situation where you went out to eat together or ordered items but then got mixed up about who got what? Not a good scenario if you are all paying separately, and then you have to sit awkwardly trying to figure out as the waiter stands there for the bill.

Well, those days are now history. We at Split-EZ are on a mission to end your dining dilemmas. As a Split-EZ user, simply by signing up on the app and creating your profile, you can search for restaurants from the exhaustive list we provide.

You can even select users for an order using GPS or QR code scanning. Once you are all in, you can submit the order and enjoy the food. You can decide if you want to pay for the whole order or split the bill, or the waiter can split it for you to pay accordingly. Get this, there is even a feature to ‘Call the Waiter’ so you don't have to wait for them to come to the table ! And that’s it! No more arguments, no more awkwardness. So get your friends on board so that all of you can participate in the order.

The restaurants that tie-up with Split-EZ will have a web interface to maintain the profile of the restaurant on the platform. They can update the menu, post the latest offers and deals, and manage their users and employees too. Management cannot get easier than this!

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